New Caledonia is located in the South West Pacific Ocean, two hours by plane from Australia (1500km), two and a half hours from New Zealand (2000km), 9 hours from Japan (7000km) and 10 hours from Korea (7800km).

New Caledonia is the third archipelago of the Pacific for a surface area of 18 575km2, it is composed of la Grande Terre, Isle of pines in the south east, the Loyalty islands in the west (Maré, Lifou, Tiga and Ouvéa), Isle of Belep in the North West and many other islets.

La Grande terre is the richest and the most populated part of New Caledonia. A large mountain chain crosses through the archipelago, its highest peak are Mount Panie in the North (1628m) and Mount Humbolt (1 618m). On its heights you will find forests with many unique fragrances.


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New Caledonia is depicted as the “Eternal Spring” due to its oceanic climate which is warm and sunny all year round.


There are two seasons, separated by two short inter seasons:

  • the warm season: December to March with average temperatures of 25 to 27° and short tropical rains
  • the cool season: April to November with average temperatures of 20 to 23°


Le local currency if the Pacific Franc ou Franc CFP (XPF). In shops, Australian and NZ dollars may be accepted but submitted to the current exchange rate.

1 euro = 119, 3317 CFP

For transfers outside of Noumea, it is recommended to use cash as many service providers do not accept credit cards.


No vaccinations are compulsory in New Caledonia. However, it is recommended that you are up to date in DTP (diphtheria tetanus and pertussis is known as whooping cough) and hepatitis B.

Use a good repellent for mosquitoes. Dengue fever, chikungunya, and zika are frequent viruses. Ciguatera, commonly known as “La gratteis an illness caused by eating certain fish in the lagoon containing toxins. You can seek advice in the fish markets and restaurants or at the market.

Also, please be aware of Tricot rayé, a native sea snake of New Caledonia: its bite can be deadly but don’t worry too much! Accidents are extremely rare.